jtwhatsapp new version 2021

jtwhatsapp new version 2021
jtwhatsapp new version 2021
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Do you know that there are many WhatsApp alternative available in the market which is beating WhatsApp in 2022 and you can find thousands of features today I am going to give you information on JTWhatsApp APK and exactly what is WhatsApp alternatives and how they can change your view of using WhatsApp and can it be better then original WhatsApp all of the details are available in this article so read this article to end?

What are WhatsApp alternatives?

Many peoples are using only the original WhatsApp they don’t know what is WhatsApp alternative in short words alternatives mean a duplicate version of any application WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world but many developers have ideas to build and developed better than the original version so they created the clone version of WhatsApp by adding some additional features to give peoples something better and new.

WhatsApp officially doesn’t give permissions to create alternatives but developers are very sharp minded they developed the application like WhatsApp with a modified version where are all of the features unlocked and before creating the APK WhatsApp alternatives can’t be published on the play store so the developer published WhatsApp alternative like JTWhatsApp APK on online websites on google and it could be very easy to download it from google.

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What is JTWhatsApp APK?

JTWhatsApp APK is a MOD version of the original WhatsApp all of the features looks are the same but the difference between in JTWhatsApp APK and official WhatsApp is in their features big companies like META the parent company of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook give you limited features and access like you can’t send long videos to your friends in original WhatsApp you can face limits but in the latest version of JTWhatsApp APK you can easily send long videos to your friends without cutting and trimming the is called JTWhatsApp APK.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and JTWhatsApp APK?

Official WhatsApp: is designed limited there are almost 13 years of WhatsApp providing their service but people can’t find any additional features and still, we can’t find any BETA version of WhatsApp where you can test new features of WhatsApp the only thing that people don’t like in WhatsApp is their limited features.

JTWhatsApp APK: In this WhatsApp alternative you can’t find any limited features all of the features is unlimited and you can use them without any problem and you can’t face any ADS some WhatsApp alternates are using ADS in their WhatsApp to earn some extra income but in JTWhatsApp APK you can’t find any AD and it’s free.

JTWhatsApp APK requirements and details

You also know that every application has its device requirement to work on any device same JTWhatsApp APK also has some requirements which you can see below in the chart it could is easily worked on the device you don’t need to root your device because every feature is unlocked in JTWhatsApp APK.

App nameJTWhatsApp APKLicenseFreewareSystem requirement5.0 and aboveLatest versionv9.29Last update1 day agoApk size40 Mb


JTWhatsApp is a 40MB small memory size application and it’s free to use the most benefit of using JTWhatsApp is if you have the lowest Android version 5.0 or above devices then you can easily use JTWhatsApp but on the other hand, the original WhatsApp will not allow lowest android version and IOS devices to use WhatsApp and it’s restricting their account for those people which have 6.0 android operating system device you can start your communication with the latest JTWhatsApp.

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What are the features of JTWhatsApp APK?

There are many features added in the latest version of JTWhatsApp APK which you can’t find in any other WhatsApp I am going to give you all information about JTWhatsApp APK features and their use I am going to mention the sone features and give you details on important features lets start.

Use two different accounts

In one WhatsApp now you can use two different accounts at a time without using any third-party application and you don’t need to clone the WhatsApp now it’s possible in JTWhatsApp APK to use two accounts remember to remove the other WhatsApp and only use JTWhatsApp APK.

Open various file formats

These features are very helpful for students and the people that are working online because both need to send and receive files like PDF, ZIP, XLS, RTF, etc, and these files are not open without any specific document application but in JTWhatsApp APK you can open these files without using any third party applications.

Private your status

If you want to hide your online status so nobody can see then WhatsApp will give you access to hide your personal information like name, image blue ticks, contacts, and much more.

Media limit increased

Now the main problem of WhatsApp users is been solved in JTWhatsApp APK you can send 90+ images to your friends at one time and you can also send long videos to your friends in high-quality resolution.

Security features

JTWhatsApp APK is giving you foolproof security in this WhatsApp you can find many features like anti-revoke mods that help you to protect your account from getting banned and provide you some extra security.


These are the latest features of JTWhatsApp APK now you can understand why people are using WhatsApp alternative instead of WhatsApp and the feature details you can find above I hope you can’t see in other WhatsApp in this article you will see complete information about JTWhatsApp APK and it’s features I will also tell you what is the difference between JTWhatsApp APK and original WhatsApp? remember that before using any other WhatsApp first take backup and then use any other WhatsApp.

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jtwhatsapp new version 2021 Description

JTWhatsApp APK v9.30 Latest 2022 Version Free Download for Android. JTWhatsApp APK is a MOD version of the original WhatsApp...

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